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This template is for use on Music publication pages; for Work pages, use the Template {{Pub}}.

This template scans the text of the first parameter of PubDatePlace for any four-digit year, and converts it into a link to "Category:YYYY publications". The page is simultaneously included in that category. Therefore, publications that have a date are categorized accordingly.

The template accepts four parameters:

  1. A four digit date or substitute, such as "0850" or "ca. 1550"; text is scanned for four-digit year
  2. Details about the publication, such as name of publisher and place of publication
  3. Manuscript (if appropriate), Edition, Volume, Revision
  4. format= (optional) – "invert" for inverted display; default is normal display.

Please always include the first three parameters; if the third parameter is not used, put   in its place nonetheless.


{{PubDatePlace|<text (scanned)>|<text (displayed as-is)>|<text (displayed as-is)>}}


  • {{PubDatePlace|1564|by Le Roy and Ballard in Paris|Volume 1}}Publication date and place: 1564 by Le Roy and Ballard in Paris – Volume 1
  • {{PubDatePlace|ca. 1450||Manuscript}}Publication date and place: ca. 1450 – Manuscript
  • {{PubDatePlace|1720|by George Halman in London, 278 pp., nos. 121-195|Volume 2a|format=invert}}
2a – Published 1720 by George Halman in London, 278 pp., nos. 121-195.

This template sets a variable, "mse", to yes or no, depending on whether the third parameter is "Manuscript"; the variable is used by Template:MultiPubList later on the same page.