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Born: 11 September 1751, Charing, Kent, England

Died: 26 March 1829, Westbourne

Biography: William Tattersall was an English cleric, editor of Psalm paraphrases, and compiler of vocal music to those Psalm paraphrases."After altering some of the metrical Psalms by James Merrick for the use of his own congregation, he published" a version of those in 1789. "He then issued the first portion of an Improved Psalmody in 1794. This contained tunes adapted from Handel and the old masters, as well as many new ones contributed by leading composers and organists of the day" (Charlotte Smith, Dictionary of National Biography, Vol. 55, 1898).

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Publications compiled and edited

  • 1789 A Version or Paraphrase of the Psalms by J. Merrick, adapted to the Purposes of Devotion. Second Edition 1797, reprinted in 1801, 1804, and 1822
  • 1794 Improved Psalmody, reprinted in 1802

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