William Horsley

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Born: 18 November 1774

Died: 12 June 1858


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List of choral works at CPDL

Sacred works

Secular works


Choral works not at CPDL

  • Bloom gentle flower: ballad for four voices
  • Blow light thou balmy air: glee for four voices
  • By Celia's Arbour
  • Come follow me
  • Forget me not: glee for four voices
  • Great shepherd of thy people
  • Her eyes the glow worm lend thee: glee for four voices
  • Now the storm begins to lower: ode for five voices
  • O, nightingale
  • The sun shines fair on Carlisle wall: glee
  • The traveller: glee for three voices
  • Two Canons: i) O Lord, ii) Hear my prayer
  • When the wind blows in the sweet rose tree: glee for four voices

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  • Asylum Hymns (1820)
  • Three Collections of Glees, Canons, and Madrigals, for three, four, five, and six Voices
  • Six Glees for two Trebles and a Bass
  • A Collection of Forty Canons, of various Species
  • An explanation of the major & minor scales with a series of exercises for the piano forte (1816)

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