Damiano Scarabelli

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Aliases: Damiano Scarabeus; Damiano Scarabello


Born: ?, Bologna, Italia

Died: c. 1598, Milan, Italia

Biography: Italian composer and priest. He studied in Bologna with Andrea Rota, to whom he expressed his debt in the dedication of the reprint of Rota’s Motectorum liber primus (Milan, 1588). He is recorded as vicemaestro in the cathedral chapel in Milan between 28 March 1589 and 19 March 1598, an office which brought him a quarterly salary of 96 lire, rising to 132 lire in 1597. His successor was appointed on 15 September 1598, so Scarabelli may have died in that year. His Magnificat settings show a highly developed contrapuntal technique and expressive language. His only known madrigal, the mildly mannerist Ahi non fia ver, mia Clori, was published in the now incomplete Le Gemme (RISM 1590/13), a collection of madrigals by Bolognese composers.

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List of choral works

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  • Liber primus motectorum (Venice, 1592), inc.
  • [10] Magnificat, 4–12vv (Venice, 1597)

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