Edmund Turges

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Aliases: Edmund Sturges


Born: c. 1445



Little is known about this composer. He is believed to be older than Fayrfax, since a composer name Edmund Turges joined the Fraternity of St. Nicholar in London in 1469, according to the book Early Tudor Magnificats I (published by Stainer & Bell). He is wrote two settings of Gaude Flore Virginali in the Eton Choirbook, three Magnificats in the Eton Choirbook that have since been lost, an additional Magnificat in the Caius Choirbook, a Kyrie and Gloria attributed to Edmund "Sturges", and four secular pieces .

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Choral works not at CPDL

  • Arthur Our Prince
  • From Stormy Winds and Grievous Weather
  • Gaude flore virginali
  • Gloria
  • Magnificat
  • Kyrie

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