Sundays after Trinity

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The Lutheran church calendar used by Bach and others numbered Sundays from Trinity, the sequence of readings loosely corresponding to Sundays after Pentecost.

Gospel Sunday after Trinity Post Pentecost Ordinary Time
Luke 16 (Lazarus and Dives) Trinity 1
Luke 14:16 (great supper) Trinity 2 Pentecost II
Luke 15 (the lost sheep) Trinity 3 Pentecost III
Luke 6:36 (blind lead the blind) Trinity 4
Luke 5 (miraculous catch) Trinity 5 Pentecost IV
Matth 5:20 (admonition against grudges) Trinity 6 Pentecost V
Mark 8 (feeding of 4000) Trinity 7 Pentecost VI
Matth 7:15 (false prophets) Trinity 8 Pentecost VII
Luke 16 (dishonest steward) Trinity 9 Pentecost VIII
Luke 19:41 (the moneychangers) Trinity 10 Pentecost IX
Luke 18:9 (Pharisee & publican) Trinity 11 Pentecost X
Mark 7:31 (deaf cured) Trinity 12 Pentecost XI

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