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Lyricist: John Glanvill, c. 1705

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English.png English text

Ianthe the lovely, the joy of her swain/the plain,
By Iphis was loved, and loved Iphis again:
She lived in the youth, and the youth in the fair,
Their pleasure was equal, and equal their care.
No time/delight, no enjoyment their dotage withdrew,
But the longer they lived still the fonder they grew.

A passion so happy alarmed all the plain,
Some envied the nymph, but more envied the swain;
Some swore 'twould be pity their love to invade,
That the lovers alone for each other were made;
But all, all consented that none ever knew
A nymph be more kind, or a shepherd so true.

Love saw them with pleasure and vowed to take care
Of the faithful, the tender, the innocent pair;
What either might want he bid either to move,
But they wanted nothing but ever to love;
He said all to bless them his godhead could do,
And they still should/might be kind and they still should/might be true.

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