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Following is a list of the 124 subgenres in use in May 2021. Besides these, some editors have entered "Other" or "Unknown".

There are several different classes of music in this list, which make definition of "subgenre" difficult. Most describe the form of the music, but some describe its function, purpose, or intended season of use. Some subgenres in this list describe larger works comprising several to many different individual sections or movements. Some subgenres are subsets of another, more general subgenre.

On a work page, subgenres are entered capitalized and in plural form; they will be converted to singular form by the {{Subgenre}} template. The only exceptions are a few collective terms that do not have a singular form, e.g., "Instrumental music". The parentheses below show how singulars are formed from the plurals.

List of all subgenres in use