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Born: 17 February 1973


Marco Molinari was born in BorgomaneroLink to the English Wikipedia article, in the Province of NovaraLink to the English Wikipedia article, in Italy.

He completed his musical education (trumpet class) at the public school of music “Civico istituto musicale Brera” in Novara and began to study musical composition in the early 2000's. He started musical composition studies in the middle of 2000's by attending private lessons with a great italian composer and conservatory teacher. He is also conductor in a polyphonic choir, trumpet player and singer in several musical organizations and president of a musical association active in Italy and in other European countries. Also in Novara University he took a degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry in 1998.

He lives in GatticoLink to the English Wikipedia article (Novara province) with his wife and sons.

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