Vincenzo Ruffo

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Aliases: Vicentio Ruffo, Vincenzo Valerio Ruffo, Vincentius Ruffus


Born: c. 1508?

Died: 9 February 1587

Biography Ruffo entered the cathedral school of Verona in 1520 and was ordained in 1531. Though his departures from Verona in 1534 and 1541 are recorded, his whereabouts are uncertain until he was appointed maestro di cappella in 1542 at Savona Cathedral, which was destroyed the next year by Genoese invaders. Ruffo next served in Milan before returning to Verona in 1547, becoming maestro di cappella in 1554 and teaching Giammateo Asola, Marco Antonio Ingegneri, and perhaps Andrea Gabrieli. From 1563 to 1572 Ruffo was again in Milan, as maestro di cappella at the cathedral where he was close to Cardinal Carlo Borromeo and deeply involved in the Counter-Reformation. His last years were spent at Pistoia, Verona and Sacile, where he died.

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List of choral works

Sacred Works

Greater works

  • Missa Alma Redemptoris Mater
  • Missa Quem dicunt homines (parody of Richafort's motet)
  • Missa Aspice domine
  • Missa Quarti toni
  • Missa Octavi toni
  • Missa De profundis
  • Missa pro defunctis
  • Missa Sanctissimae Trinitatis
  • 8 Magnificats

Sacred works in CPDL

Secular Works

Other works not listed above (See Template:CheckMissing for possible reasons and solutions)

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  • Il primo libro de motetti, 5vv (Milan, 1542)
  • Li madrigali a notte negre … libro primo, 4vv (Venice, 1545)
  • Il primo libro de madrigali cromatici con la gionta di alquanti madrigali del medesimo autore, 4vv (Venice, 1552)
  • Il primo libro de madrigali, 5vv (Venice, 1553)
  • Il secondo libro de madrigali, 5vv (Venice, 1553)
  • Li madrigali a cinque voci scielta seconda (Venice, 1554)
  • Madrigali, 6–8vv, con la gionta de 5 canzone a diverse voci (Venice, 1554)
  • Il terzo libro de madrigali, 5vv (Pesaro, 1555³¹)
  • Il secondo libro de madrigali, 4vv (Venice, 1555)
  • Motetti, 6vv (Venice, 1555)
  • Opera nova … intitolata Armonia celeste, nella quale si contengono 25 madrigali … libro quarto, 5vv (Venice, 1556)
  • Messe, 5vv (Venice, 1557)
  • Magnificat, 5vv (Venice, 1559)
  • Capricci in musica, a 3, a commodo de virtuosi (Milan, 1564)
  • I sacri et santi salmi che si cantano a compieta, 4vv (Venice, 1568)
  • Missae quatuor concinate ad ritum concilii mediolani, 4vv (Milan, 1570)
  • Messe … nuovamente composte, secondo la forma del concilio tridentino (?1572, lost; Brescia, 1580)
  • Il quarto libro di messe, conforme al decreto del Sacrosancto Concilio di Trento, 6vv (Venice, 1574)
  • Salmi suavissimi et devotissimi conformi al decreto del Sacro Concilio di Trento, 5vv (Venice, 1574)
  • Li Magnificat brevi et aierosi … con tutti li falsi bordoni, 5vv (Venice, 1578)
  • Sacrae modulationes vulgo motecta liber primus, 6vv (Brescia, 1583)
  • Sacrae modulationes vulgo motecta, liber secundus, 6vv (Brescia, 1583)
  • Li soavissimi responsorii della Settimana Santa, 5vv (Milan, 1586)
  • G. Asola: Secondo libro delle messe (Venice, 1586)
  • Missae Boromeae, 5vv (Venice, 1592)

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