Congregati sunt inimici nostri

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Responsory for peace.

Musical settings at CPDL

Text and translations

The Cantus interpolation is peculiar to the setting by di Lasso

Latin.png Latin text

Congregati sunt inimici nostri,
et gloriantur in virtute sua:
contere fortitudinem illorum, Domine,
et disperge illos:
Ut cognoscant, quia non est alius
qui pugnet pro nobis, nisi tu Deus noster.
Disperge illos in virtute tua, et destrue eos
protector noster, Domine.

Dissipa gentes quae bella volunt

English.png English translation

Our foes are gathered
and rejoice in their strength:
wear down their might, O Lord,
and scatter them:
that they may learn that there is none other
that fighteth for us, but only thou, O Lord.
Scatter them in thy might, and destroy them,
O Lord our protector.

Scatter those peoples that desire strife.

(trans Timmi O'Danaos & Donna Ferentes)

German.png German translation

Unsere Feinde haben sich versammelt
und rühmen sich ihrer Tapferkeit.
Zermürbe ihre Stärke, Herr,
und zerstreue sie,
damit sie erkennen, daß kein anderer ist,
der für uns kämpft, außer dir, unser Gott.

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