Hymni per totum annum (Orlando di Lasso)

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The Hymni per totum annum anno 1581 by Orlando di Lasso is a collection of primarily alternatim settings of Office hymns for 4-6 voices. It was not printed, but circulated in Bavaria in mss. copied well into the early 17c. The contents in the principal sources is organized by the month, with Commons appearing under the first saint to come up in the calendar. Except as noted, only even verses are set.

Publication date and place: 1581 . – Manuscript

Genre, Subgenre: Sacred, Office hymns. Language: Latin.

Available ed. Season/Feast date Title Author Voicing Notes
All Saints Nov. 1 Christe Redemptor omnium… attr. Rabanus Maurus 4 SATB
Common of a Confessor St. Martin (Nov. 11) Iste confessor 4 SATB
Common of a Virgin St. Catherine (Nov. 25) Jesu corona virginum attr. Ambrose of Milan 4 SATB
4 Advent Conditor alme siderum anon., 7th cent. 5 SATTB
Christmas Dec. 25 Christe Redemptor omnium… 5 SATTB
6 Holy Innocents Dec. 28 Salvete flores martyrum Prudentius 4 SATB
Epiphany Jan. 6 Hostis Herodes impie Caelius Sedulius 5 SATTB
2nd Saturday after Epiphany O lux beata Trinitas attr. Ambrose of Milan 4 SATB
9 Epiphany II Lucis Creator optime 4 SATB
10 Marian feasts Purification of the BVM, Feb. 2 Ave maris stella anon., 8th cent. 4 SATB/SATTB
Weekdays of Lent up to Passion Sun. Audi benigne conditor attr. Gregory the Great 4 SATB
Sundays of Lent up to Passion Sun. Ad preces nostras 4 SATB
13 Compline during Lent Te lucis ante terminum anon., 5th-6th cent. 4 SATB with Amen
Passion Sunday Vexilla Regis Venantius Fortunatus 4 SATB
Octave of Easter Ad coenam Agni 4 SATB
Ascension Jesu nostra redemptio 4 SATB
Pentecost Veni Creator Spiritus attr. Rabanus Maurus 5 SATTB
Corpus Christi Pange lingua Thomas Aquinas 5 SSATB all vv.
John the Baptist June 24 Ut queant laxis 4 SATB 'other' tune
Ss. Peter & Paul June 29 Aurea luce et decore 4 SATB
Conversion of St. Paul Doctor egregie 4 SATB currently celebrated Jan. 25
Mary Magdalene July 22 Lauda mater Ecclesia 4 SATB/SSATB
St. Peter's Chains Aug. 1 Petrus beatus catenarum 4 SATB
24 Transfiguration Aug. 6 Quicumque Christum quaeritis Prudentius 4 SATB
25 St. Michael the Archangel Sept. 29 Tibi Christe, splendor Patris attr. Rabanus Maurus 4 SATB
Common of Apostles in Eastertide Tristes erant apostoli
Common of a single Martyr in Eastertide Deus tuorum militum
Common of multiple Martyrs in Eastertide Rex gloriose martirum
Common of Apostles Exultet coelum laudibus
Common of a single Martyr Deus tuorum militum
Common of multiple Martyrs Sanctorum meritis
Dedication of a Church Urbs beata Jerusalem anon., 7th-8th cent.
Sunday Vespers Psalm 113: In exitu Israel

Works at CPDL

No. Title Genre Subgenre Vo. Voices
  Jesu corona virginum Sacred Motets 6 SAATBB
  Jesu nostra redemptio Sacred Motets 6 SAATBB
  Ut queant laxis Sacred Office hymns 5 SATTB
  Veni Creator Spiritus Sacred Motets 6 SAATBB
  Vexilla regis prodeunt Sacred Motets 6 SAATBB
4 Conditor alme siderum Sacred Office hymns 5 ATBBB
6 Salvete flores martyrum Sacred Motets 4 SATB
9 Lucis creator optime Sacred Office hymns 4 SATB
10 Ave maris stella Sacred Motets 4(5) ATBB
11 Audi benigne conditor a 4 Sacred Office hymns 4 SATB
13 Te lucis ante terminum Sacred Office hymns 4 SATB
24 Quicumque Christum quaeritis Sacred Office hymns 4 SATB
25 Tibi Christe splendor Patris Sacred Office hymns 4 SATB