Lamentabatur Jacob

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Latin.png Latin text

Lamentabatur Jacob de duobus filiis suis:
Heu me, dolens sum de Joseph perdito
et tristis nimis de Benjamin ducto pro alimoniis:

Precor caelestem Regem ut me dolentem nimium faciat eos cernere.

Prosternens se Jacob vehementer cum lacrimis pronus in terram et adorans ait.

English.png English translation

Jacob was lamenting for his two sons, saying:
Woe is me, I am distraught over the loss of Joseph,
and deeply sad for Benjamin, taken as surety.

I beseech the heavenly king that he might make it possible for miserable me to see them.

Prostrating himself greatly with tears with his face to the earth, and worshipping, Jacob said this.

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