Ruggiero Giovannelli

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Born: 1560

Died: 7 January 1625


Ruggiero was born in Velletri, near Rome. It is likely he was a student of Palestrina, and succeeded him at St. Peter's in 1594. Though his output of sacred music declined sharply towards the end of his life, his music was popular and was reprinted several times. He retired from the Sistine Chapel in 1624 and died the following year.

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List of choral works

Sacred music

Motets for two voices
Motets for three voices
Motets for four voices
Motets for five voices
Motets for eight voices

Secular music

Madrigals for four voices
Madrigals for five voices
Madrigals for six voices
Madrigals for seven voices
Madrigals for eight voices

Other works not listed above (See Template:CheckMissing for possible reasons and solutions)

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