The first sett, of Italian madrigalls Englished (Thomas Watson)

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General information

Title: The first sett of Italian madrigalls Englished

Full Title: The first sett, Of Italian Madrigalls Englished, not to the sense of the originall dittie, but after the affection of the Noate.

Editor-Compiler: Thomas Watson

Publication date and place: 1590 in London by Thomas East as the assignee of William Byrd.

Genre, Subgenre: Secular, Madrigals. Language: English.

Description: A collection of madrigals for four, five, and six voices, mostly by Italian composers, particularly Luca Marenzio. The original texts for these works have been replaced with new English texts, rather than translations. In addition to the Italian works, two madrigals by William Byrd have also been included.

Facsimile: Royal Holloway Repository

List of works

No. Title Composer Voices Comment
1 When first my heedless eyes Marenzio, LucaLuca Marenzio 4
2 O merry world Marenzio, LucaLuca Marenzio 4
3 Farewell cruel and unkind Marenzio, LucaLuca Marenzio 4
4 Zephirus breathing Marenzio, LucaLuca Marenzio 4
5 Faire shepherds queene Marenzio, LucaLuca Marenzio 4
6 Ev'ry singing Byrd Marenzio, LucaLuca Marenzio 4
7 Alas, what a wretched life is this? Marenzio, LucaLuca Marenzio 4
8 This sweet and merry month of May Byrd, WilliamWilliam Byrd 4
9 Though faint and wasted Marenzio, LucaLuca Marenzio 5
10 Since my heedlesse eyes Marenzio, LucaLuca Marenzio 5
11 When all alone my bonny love Conversi, GirolamoGirolamo Conversi 5
12 When I beheld the faire face of Phillis sleeping Marenzio, LucaLuca Marenzio 5
13 Alas where is my Love Marenzio, LucaLuca Marenzio 5
14 Sweet hart arise Marenzio, LucaLuca Marenzio 5
15 But if the country gods Marenzio, LucaLuca Marenzio 5
16 When from my selfe sweet Cupid first bereft me Marenzio, LucaLuca Marenzio 5
17 Sweet singing Amarillis Marenzio, LucaLuca Marenzio 5
18 Fancy retyre thee Marenzio, LucaLuca Marenzio 5
19 How long with vaine complaining Marenzio, LucaLuca Marenzio 5
20 All ye that joy in wailing Nanino, Giovanni MariaGiovanni Maria Nanino 5
21 O heare me heavenly powers Marenzio, LucaLuca Marenzio 6
22 In chains of hope and fear Marenzio, LucaLuca Marenzio 6
23 When Meliboeus foul Marenzio, LucaLuca Marenzio 6
24 Now twinkling stars Marenzio, LucaLuca Marenzio 6
25 Unkind, o stay thy flying Marenzio, LucaLuca Marenzio 6
26 Love hath proclaimed war by trumpet sounded Striggio, AlessandroAlessandro Striggio 6
27 The Fates alas Marenzio, LucaLuca Marenzio 6
28 This sweet and merry month of May Byrd, WilliamWilliam Byrd 6

Works at CPDL

Title Composer Year No. Subgenre Vo. Voices
Ahi, dispietata morte! Luca Marenzio 1585 7 Madrigals 4 SATB
Cantava la più vaga pastorella Luca Marenzio 1580 17 Madrigals 5 SSSAT
Crudel, perché mi fuggi Luca Marenzio 1587 25 Madrigals 6 SSAATB
Di nettare amoroso ebro Luca Marenzio 1587 23–24 Madrigals 6 SSATTB
I lieti amanti e le fanciulle tenre givan di prat'in prato Luca Marenzio 1585 2 Madrigals 4 SATB
Lasso ch'io ardo Luca Marenzio 1580 9 Madrigals 5 SAATB
Madonna, sua mercé, pur una sera Luca Marenzio 1585 5 Madrigals 4 SATB
Madonna mia gentil Luca Marenzio 1580 16 Madrigals 5 SSSTT
Morir non puo'l mio core Giovanni Maria Nanino 1571 20 Madrigals 5 SSATB
Ne fero sdegno mai Donna Luca Marenzio 1587 21–22 Madrigals 6 SSAAAT
Non rumor di tamburi Alessandro Striggio 1571 26 Madrigals 6 SSATTB
Non vidi mai dopo notturna pioggia Luca Marenzio 1585 1 Madrigals 4 SATB
Ohimè dov'è il mio ben Luca Marenzio 1580 13 Madrigals 5 SSAAT
Partirò dunque Luca Marenzio 1580 18 Madrigals 5 SSATB
Quando i vostri begli occhi Luca Marenzio 1580 10 Madrigals 5 SAAAT
Questa di verde herbette Luca Marenzio 1580 19 Madrigals 5 SSATB
Questa ordì il laccio Luca Marenzio 1587 27 Madrigals 6 SSAATB
Sola soletta Girolamo Conversi 1572 11 Partsongs 5 SATTB
Spuntavan già Luca Marenzio 1580 14–15 Madrigals 5 SAAAT
This sweet and merry month of May (a 4) William Byrd 1590 8 Madrigals 4 ATTB,SATB
This sweet and merry month of May (a 6) William Byrd 1590 28 Madrigals
Veggo, dolce mio bene Luca Marenzio 1585 3 Madrigals 4 SATB
Venuta era Madonna Luca Marenzio 1580 12 Madrigals 5 SAAAB
Vezzosi augelli Luca Marenzio 1585 6 Madrigals 4 SATB
Zefiro torna Luca Marenzio 1585 4 Madrigals 4 SATB


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