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Sight-Singing Difficulty Index

William Mundy: Latin pieces I've sung


  • Mass upon the Square (sang the Gloria, not the other movements)
  • In exitu Israel (collaboration with Sheppard and Thomas Birde, from the Gyffard partbooks)
  • In nomine I and II ( does not have it, but my local library apparently does--is that by William or John Mundy?)
  • Kyrie Orbis factor (from the Gyffard partbooks)
  • Magnificat (alternatim 2nd tone from the Gyffard partbooks)
  • Sermone blando
  • Veni Creator spiritus (see Coronation of the First Elizabeth recording and song listing)
  • Videte Miraculum


  • Adhaesit pavimento
  • Adolescentulus sum ego
  • Alleluya (Per te dei genitrix) I & II (from the Gyffard partbooks)
  • Alleluya Post partem (from the Gyffard partbooks)
  • Beati immaculati
  • Beatus et sanctus
  • Domine, non est exaltatum
  • Domine, quis habitabit
  • Eructavit cor meum
  • Exurge Christe
  • In Aeternum (reconstructed)
  • Kyrie Cunctipotens genitor
  • Maria virgo sanctissima
  • Mass on the Square, Gloria
  • Memor esto
  • Noli aemulari
  • Rerum Creator omnium
  • Sive vigilem
  • Vox Patris Caelestis

Eton Choirbook

Just got volume 2 of the Eton choirbook!

  1. Banester, O Maria et Elizabeth (Gilbert Banester) (5vv)
  2. Browne, Stabat juxta Christi crucem (John Browne) (6vv)
  3. SUNG: Browne, Salve Regina I (John Browne) (5vv)
  4. Browne, Salve Regina II (John Browne) (5vv)
  5. Browne, O Regina mundi clara (John Browne) (6vv)
  6. Cornysh, Magnificat (William Cornysh) (5vv)--Is this the one I sang that requires TT&BB?
  7. Cornysh, Stabat mater dolorosa II (William Cornysh) (5vv)
  8. Cornysh, Salve Regina (William Cornysh) (5vv)
  9. Cornysh, Ad te purissima virgo (William Cornysh) (5vv)
  10. Davy, Stabat mater dolorosa (Richard Davy) (5vv)
  11. Davy, Virgo templum Trinitas (Richard Davy) (5vv)
  12. Davy, Salve Jesu Mater vera (Richard Davy) (5vv)
  13. Davy, Salve Regina (Richard Davy) (5vv) | Request:Salve_Regina_(Richard_Davy)
  14. Davy, Salve Regina a6 (Richard Davy) (6vv) | Request:Salve_Regina_(Richard_Davy)
  15. Davy, O Domine caeli terraeque (Richard Davy) (5vv)
  16. Fawkyner, Gaude virgo salutata (Fawkyner) (5vv)
  17. Fawkyner, Gaude rosa sine spina (Fawkyner) (5vv)
  18. Horwud, Salve Regina (William Horwud) (5vv)
  19. Horwud, Gaude flore virginali (William Horwud) (5vv)
  20. Horwud, Gaude virgo Mater Christi (William Horwud) (5vv)
  21. Horwud, Magnificat (William Horwud) (5vv)
  22. Hygons, Salve Regina (Richard Hygons) (5vv)
  23. Kellyk, Magnificat (Hugh Kellyk) (5vv)
  24. Lambe, Magnificat (Walter Lambe) (5vv) | Request:Magnificat_(Walter_Lambe)
  25. Lambe, O Regina caelestis gloriae II (Walter Lambe) (5vv) | Request:O_Regina_caelestis_gloriae_II_(Walter_Lambe)
  26. Lambe, O Maria plena gratia (Walter Lambe) (6vv) | Request:O_Maria_plena_gratia_(Walter_Lambe)
  27. Lambe, Salve Regina (Walter Lambe) (5vv)| Request:Salve_Regina_(Walter_Lambe)
  28. Nesbett, Magnificat (John Nesbett)* (5vv)
  29. Stratford, Magnificat (William of Stratford) (4vv)
  30. Sturton, Gaude virgo mater Christi (Sturton) (6vv)
  31. Wylkynson, Salve Regina II (Robert Wylkynson) (5vv)
  32. Wylkynson, Jesus autem transiens/Credo in Deum (Robert Wylkynson) (13vv)
  33. Wylkynson, Salve Regina I (Robert Wylkynson) (9vv)
  34. SUNG: Browne, O Maria salvatoris Mater (John Browne) (8vv)
  35. SUNG: Browne, Stabat virgo Mater Christi II (John Browne) (4vv)
  36. SUNG: Browne, Stabat Mater dolorosa (John Browne) (6vv)
  37. SUNG: Browne, one of the SATTB Salve Reginas--which one?
  38. SUNG: Browne, O Mater venerabilis (John Browne) (5vv)
  39. SUNG: Cornysh, Gaude virgo Mater Christi (William Cornysh) (4vv)
  40. SUNG: Cornysh, Ave Maria Mater Dei (William Cornysh) (4vv)
  41. SUNG: Davy, In honore summae Matris (Richard Davy) (5vv)
  42. SUNG: Fayrfax, Salve Regina (Robert Fayrfax) (5vv)
  43. SUNG: Fayrfax, Magnificat 'Regale' (Robert Fayrfax)* (5vv)
  44. SUNG: Hacomplaynt, Salve Regina (Robert Hacomplaynt) (5vv)
  45. SUNG: Hampton, Salve Regina (John Hampton) (5vv)
  46. SUNG: Huchyn, Salve Regina (Nicholas Huchyn) (5vv)
  47. SUNG: Kellyk, Gaude flore virginali (Hugh Kellyk) (7vv)
  48. SUNG: Lambe, Stella caeli (Walter Lambe) (4vv)
  49. SUNG: Lambe, Nesciens mater (Walter Lambe) (5vv)
  50. SUNG: Lambe, Gaude flore virginali II (Walter Lambe) (4vv)
  51. SUNG: Lambe, Ascendit Christus (Walter Lambe) (4vv)
  52. SUNG: Sutton, Salve Regina (John Sutton) (7vv)
  53. SUNG: Turges, Gaude flore virginali I (Edmund Turges) (5vv)
  54. SUNG: Turges, Gaude flore virginali II (Edmund Turges) (4vv)
Level Description of sight-singing difficulty
under non-adverse conditions
Renaissance example Modern example Other example
1.   not difficult for average school choir grades 7-12 Ave Maria...virgo serena (Josquin des Prez) Ave verum corpus, KV 618 (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)
2.   intermediate Improperium expectavit cor meum (Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina) Locus iste (Anton Bruckner)
3.   professional: most professional church subs can perform it correctly on first reading Loquebantur variis linguis (Thomas Tallis)
4.   advanced: a good number of professionals won't get it right on the first try most pieces in the Eton Choirbook, various pieces by Gesualdo
5.   expert: tricky intrevals (e.g. Modus Novus) or rhythms that would require practice before most advanced sight-singers to get it right Davy, O Domine Caeli Terraeque Creator
from the Eton Choirbook