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Bachelor of Arts with high honors in English Literature from Amherst College (1983). Juris Doctor from the University of Virginia School of Law (1987).


I am a retired American diplomat who began singing in amateur choral groups as a teen and continued after joining the diplomatic service in the 1980s. While working in Gabon I was unable to find an existing group to sing with, so I decided to create my own. It turned out to be the first in a series of groups in Gabon, Malaysia, Algeria, Lebanon and the United States that have focused on performing 16th-Century chansons and madrigals. I first discovered CPDL while assembling repertoire in Gabon and have relied heavily on it over the years. I have generally produced my own English translations of the works we performed in French to give our audiences a better understanding of the music we were singing. Translations from French -- particularly of chansons parisiennes -- are more readily available on CPDL now than previously, but I am contributing my own translations in the hope of easing access to a rich genre of Renaissance music that has given great pleasure to me and my fellow singers around the world for the last three decades.