Psalm 149

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Text and translations

Clementine Vulgate

Latin.png Latin text

1  Alleluja. Cantate Domino canticum novum;
laus ejus in ecclesia sanctorum.
2  Laetetur Israël in eo qui fecit eum,
et filii Sion exsultent in rege suo.
3  Laudent nomen ejus in choro;
in tympano et psalterio psallant ei.
4  Quia beneplacitum est Domino in populo suo,
et exaltabit mansuetos in salutem.
5  Exsultabunt sancti in gloria;
laetabuntur in cubilibus suis.
6  Exaltationes Dei in gutture eorum,
et gladii ancipites in manibus eorum:
7  ad faciendam vindictam in nationibus,
increpationes in populis;
8  ad alligandos reges eorum in compedibus,
et nobiles eorum in manicis ferries;
9  ut faciant in eis judicium conscriptum:
gloria haec est omnibus sanctis ejus.Alleluja.

Douay-Rheims Bible

English.png English translation

Alleluia. Sing ye to the Lord a new canticle:
 let his praise be in the church of the saints.
Let Israel rejoice in him that made him:
 and let the children of Sion be joyful in their king.
Let them praise his name in choir:
 let them sing to him with the timbrel and the psaltery.
For the Lord is well pleased with his people:
 and he will exalt the meek unto salvation.
The saints shall rejoice in glory:
 they shall be joyful in their beds.
The high praises of God shall be in their mouth:
 and two-edged swords in their hands:
To execute vengeance upon the nations,
 chastisements among the people:
To bind their kings with fetters,
 and their nobles with manacles of iron.
To execute upon them the judgment that is written:
 this glory is to all his saints. Alleluia.

Church of England 1662 Book of Common Prayer

English.png English text

1  O sing unto the Lord a new song: let the congregation of saints praise him.
2  Let Israel rejoice in him that made him: and let the children of Sion be joyful in their King.
3  Let them praise his Name in the dance: let them sing praises unto him with tabret and harp.
4  For the Lord hath pleasure in his people: and helpeth the meek-hearted.
5  Let the saints be joyful with glory: let them rejoice in their beds.
6  Let the praises of God be in their mouth: and a two-edged sword in their hands;
7  To be avenged of the heathen: and to rebuke the people;
8  To bind their kings in chains: and their nobles with links of iron.
9  That they may be avenged of them, as it is written: Such honour have all his saints.

King James Version

English.png English text

1  Praise ye the Lord. Sing unto the Lord a new song, and his praise in the congregation of saints.
2  Let Israel rejoice in him that made him: let the children of Zion be joyful in their King.
3  Let them praise his name in the dance: let them sing praises unto him with the timbrel and harp.
4  For the Lord taketh pleasure in his people: he will beautify the meek with salvation.
5  Let the saints be joyful in glory: let them sing aloud upon their beds.
6  Let the high praises of God be in their mouth, and a two-edged sword in their hand;
7  To execute vengeance upon the heathen, and punishments upon the people;
8  To bind their kings with chains, and their nobles with fetters of iron;
9  To execute upon them the judgment written: this honour have all his saints. Praise ye the Lord.

Metrical 'Old Version' (Thomas Norton)

English.png English text

1  Sing ye unto the Lord our God
A new rejoicing song,
And let the praise of him be heard
His holy saints among.

2  Let Israel rejoice in God,
And praises to him sing;
And let the seed of Sion be
Most joyful in their King:

3  Let them sound praise with voice of lute
Unto his holy name,
And with the timbrel and the harp
Sing praises to the same.

4  For why? the Lord his pleasure all
Hath in his people set,
And by deliv'rance he will raise
The meek to glory great.

5  With glory and with honour now
Let all his saints rejoice;
Aloud upon their beds also
Advance their singing voice.

6  And in their mouths let be the high
Praises of God the Lord,
And in their hands likewise a sharp
And a two-edged sword,

7  To plague the heathen, and correct
The people with their hands;
To bind their stately kings in chains,
Their lords in iron bands:

8  To execute on them the doom
That written was before:
This honour all his saints shall have;
Praise ye the Lord therefore.

Metrical 'New Version' (Tate and Brady)

English.png English text

1, 2  O praise ye the Lord, prepare your glad voice,
His praise in the great assembly to sing:
In our great creator let Israel rejoice;
And children of Sion be glad in their King.

3,4  Let them his great name extol in the dance;
With timbrel and harp his praises express:
Who always takes pleasure his saints to advance,
And with his salvation the humble to bless.

5, 6  With glory adorn'd, his people shall sing
To God, who their beds with safety does shield:
Their mouths fill'd with praises of him their great king;
Whilst a two-edged sword their right hand shall wield;

7, 8  Just vengeance to take for injuries past;
To punish those lands for ruin design'd;
With chains, as their captives, to tie their kings fast,
With fetters of iron their nobles to bind.

9  Thus shall they make good, when them they destroy,
The dreadful decree which God does proclaim:
Such honour and triumph his saints shall enjoy,
O therefore for ever exalt his great name!

Paraphrase by Philip Doddridge, 1755

English.png English text

1. O praise ye the Lord, prepare a new song,
And let all his saints in full concert join;
Ye tribes all assemble the feast to prolong,
In solemn procession with music divine.

2. O Israel, In him that made ye rejoice,
Let all Zion's sons exult in their King;
While to martial dances you join a glad voice,
Your lutes, harps, and timbrels in harmony bring.

3. The Lord in his saints still finds his delight;
Salvation from him the meek shall adorn;
They well may be joyful, sustained by his might,
And crowned by his favor may lift up their horn.

4. Let carpets be spread and banquets prepared
Those altars around, whose incense ascends;
While anthems of glory through Salem are heard,
And God whom we worship indulgent attends.

5. Then as your hearts bound with music and wine
Inspired by the God who reigns in this place:
Unsheathe all your weapons, and bright let them shine,
And brandish your faulchions† while chanting his praise.

6. Then march to the field, the heathen defy,
And scatter his wrath on nations around;
Like angels of vengeance your swords lift on high,
And boast that Jehovah commissions the wound.

7. Their generals subdued your triumphs shall grace,
And loaded with chains their kings shall be brought;
On the necks shall ye trample on Canaan's proud race,
And all their last remnant for slaughter be sought.

8. No rage of your own such rigor demands;
A sentence divine your arms must fulfill;
Of old he this vengeance consigned to your hands,
And in sacred volumes recorded his will.

9. The honor, ye saints, appointed for you,
All-grateful receive, and faithful obey;
And while his dread pleasure resistless ye do,
Still make his high praises the song of the day.
†. A kind of curved sword.

Káldi fordítás

Hungarian.png Hungarian translation

Alleluja! Énekeljetek az Úrnak új éneket, legyen dicsérete a szentek gyülekezetében.
Örvendjen Izrael abban, ki őt teremtette, és Sion fiai vigadjanak királyukban.
Dicsérjék az ő nevét énekkarban, dobbal és hárfával zengjenek neki;
mert az Úr gyönyörködik népében, és fölmagasztalja a szelídeket szabadúlásra.
A szentek örvendeznek a dicsőségben; vigadnak nyughelyeiken.
Isten magasztalása van szájokban, és kétélű kard kezeikben,
hogy boszút álljanak a nemzeteken, megfeddjék a népeket;
hogy azok királyait lánczokra verjék, és nemeseit vasbilincsekre;
hogy a megírt itélet szerint cselekedjenek velök. Ez dicsősége minden ő szenteinek. Alleluja!